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Our Wikispace
Asperger disorder homepage with useful information.
The award winning website from The National Dyslexia Institute.
A useful resource site for anyone wanting to find books for their children.
The main website for the identified maths disorder.
A very informative charity-run website great for parents, children and teachers.
AD/HD website and associated disorders.
The Royal National Institute for the Blind Education Centre.
The homepage for the National Deaf Children's Society.
The British Institute for Learning Disabilities homepage.
The National Autistic Society website, excellent for general information and links.
National charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology.
UK charity representing children and young adults with communication impairments, working for their inclusion in society and supporting their parents and carers.



Knightswood Secondary School

What Are We Aiming For?
To enable pupils to become successful learners, effective contributors, responsible citizens and confident individuals.
To continue to work together with teachers, parents, carers and pupils to help address any barriers to learning
To encourage staff and pupils to value a broad range of talents, abilities and achievements.
Our aim is to share an understanding of additional support needs at Knightswood Secondary so that there is a whole school approach to supporting all pupils.

The Role of SFL
Support for Learning Staff provide a service to pupils, staff and parents or carers through:
Co-operative teaching within the subject classroom. We aim to work collaboratively with class teachers to support an individual or group of pupils.
Where appropriate, small groups of pupils may be given direct tuition by Support for Learning teachers, concentrating on enhancing literacy and numeracy skills
Curriculum Development, which involves working with subject specialists to ensure that materials are appropriate to the learning needs of all pupils.
Liaison with outside agencies.

Who do we work with?
Partnership with External Services include:
· Associated Primary Schools
· Colleges
· English as an Additional Language Service
· Parents/Carers
· Physiotherapist
· Psychological Services
· School Nurse
· Social Services
· Speech and Language Therapists
· Sensory Support Services
· ASL Technology

Parents' Support Group
The Parents' Support Group has been set up by the Support for Learning department to create an opportunity for parents and carers of young people who have additional support needs to get together informally with Support for Learning staff and to meet other parents and carers. It creates an opportunity for parents and carers to voice concerns about their children's learning, and to discuss steps to address barriers to learning.
Meetings will take place on Wednesday 5th October 2012, Wednesday 2012 and Wednesday 23rd January 2013, and Wednesday 1st May 2013. They will run from 6.00pm to 7.00 pm in F08, the SFL classroom. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Greig if you have any queries.

Staged Intervention
A process of staged intervention is in place in line with Glasgow City Council policy to help support pupils with Additional Support Needs

Partnership with Parents
Parents have a vital role in ensuring that the Additional Support Needs of their children are being met. Their rights and responsibilities are respected and they have an active role in decisions made about approaches taken to meet these needs.

Additional Support for Learning Act 2009
Enquire is the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning. They are funded by the Scottish Government.
Contact details for Enquire:
Telephone helpline 0845 123 2303
website (for parents and carers


Support for learning forms (Alll in MS Word format)

Behaviour Support Bidding Form (Class)
Behaviour Support Bidding Form (Individual Pupil)
Support for Learning Bidding Form (Class)
Support for Learning Bidding Form (Individual Pupil)
Support for Learning (Cause for Concern Issues)


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