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Supporting families with Premature Babies

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We start off life as a small defenceless little human beings which we rely soly on our mum and dad to bring us up into this world. Unfortunitely for some the start off life is not that straight forward.

If you or a family friend has experienced giving birth to a premature baby, then you know how difficult the challenges ahead can be. Somewhat 60,000 babies are born premature in the United Kingdom and doctors are slowley seing this increase year by year which can be worrying thought.

As teachers we believe everybody should be treated the same whether your a premature baby or not, so we have used this excersise to teach our pupils all about premature babies, by the means of bringing in a neonatal nurse who can answer a majority of questions that our pupils have.

How have our students contributed

Thanks to our pupils we have raised over £1000 for our local hospital NICU. Our students have been taking part in a number of events to raise funds, but also to raise awareness.

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