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Through the influence of the School Board, the parents of our pupils have made their opinions quite clear that they wish the security of a formal uniform for the pupils of Knightswood Secondary School. Full school uniform was started in August 1995 and we are pleased to report that 99.9% of our pupils present themselves daily in full uniform and this has contributed significantly to the purposeful "business like" atmosphere, which prevails in the school. Glasgow City Council now strongly supports the wearing of a dress code for security purposes as well as its major contribution to a "working environment".

There were many reasons for this decision on uniform. Pupils need to identify with a school and be identified. In the "drug culture" scene, which is prevalent today, schools and their pupils are seen as easy targets. When our senior managers tour the streets at lunchtime to keep a watch on any unwanted approaches to pupils by outsiders, we can easily spot situations. Schools are full of pupils' equipment and school equipment which can be easily carried off the premises. Full uniform means that we can easily identify any "outsiders" who may wander into the school.

On a more positive note, the wearing of full school uniform is an important aspect of equality of opportunity. Many children suffer from a low self-esteem. A strong uniform policy means that every child looks the same when he/she walks through the door of KSS and disadvantaged children feel on a level playing field. It is also training for the future. Marks and Spencer employees, policemen and women, teachers, nurses, lawyers, etc., must adopt the dress style of their profession and there is no better training than the wearing of a uniform at school. Parents also tell us that it is more economical because it means more expensive clothing can be kept for the weekend and there is no argument in the morning about what our pupils have to wear!

The school uniform for Knightswood Secondary School is:

white or pale blue shirt, plain black V-neck jumper, plain black jacket, school tie, black skirt/trousers.

Denim jeans, expensive leather jackets etc., should not be worn to school.

Special KISS garments designed by our pupils are available at a very good price and are proving to be very durable. Information about these garments can be obtained from the school.

It is important however, that parents are aware of the authority's views ,which are:

"Given that there is substantial parental and public approval of dress code, schools in this policy authority are encouraged to develop school dress code. In encouraging a dress code policy, account must be taken in any proposals to prevent any direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of race or gender. Any proposals will be the subject of widespread consultation with parents and pupils. Against this background it should be noted that it is the policy of the education committee to encourage schools to develop an appropriate dress code policy."

"There are forms of dress which are unacceptable in school, such as items of clothing which:

potentially, encourage faction (such as football colours); could cause offence (such as anti religious symbolism or political slogans); could cause health and safety difficulties such as loose fitting clothing, dangling earrings, are made from flammable materials for example, track suits in practical classes; could cause damage to flooring; carry advertising, particularly for alcohol and tobacco; and could be used to inflict damage on other pupils or be used by others to do so."

Under no circumstances will pupils be deprived of any educational benefit as a result of not wearing clothing conforming to the school's dress policy and, in particular, pupils will not be denied access to examinations as a result of not conforming to the policy.


Parents receiving income support, family credit, housing benefit or council tax rebates will normally be entitled to monetary grants for footwear and clothing for their children. Approval for any requests for such grants made by parents in different circumstances is at the discretion of the Director of Education. Information and application forms may be obtained from schools and from the Education Department.


The Council is concerned at the level of claims being received regarding the loss of pupils' clothing and/or personal belongings. Parents are asked to assist in this area by ensuring that valuable items and unnecessarily expensive items of clothing are not brought to school. Parents should note that the Authority does not carry insurance to cover the loss of such items and any claims submitted are likely to be met only where the Authority can be shown to have been negligent.

Parents should note that jewellery, watches, rings etc., cannot be worn in PE classes and it would be better for all concerned if expensive items were left at home. Despite PE staff locking the changing rooms during the lesson, items do go missing and there is no compensation.


Pupils should be provided with a school bag or similar strong container in order that school books and jotters are given maximum protection. Books and jotters should also be covered. It must be made clear that care of equipment, which belongs to the Authority, is the pupil's responsibility. Senior Management regularly checks on the standard of work and condition of jotters during assemblies. We expect our pupils to keep their jotters and books "graffiti free". We are sure you will appreciate the need for such instructions in the current financial situation.

Every day our pupils are expected to have sharpened pencils, pens, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, a ruler and a calculator.

Certain departments have specific requirements as follows:

Mathematics: a protractor and a pair of compasses

Home Economics: aprons are available from this department

Physical Education: in order that hygiene standards be maintained, it is expected that pupils bring certain kit to PE classes. it is hoped that parents will co-operate in ensuring that pupils have and bring the following: Plain blue T-shirt, Plain shorts, Plain black jogging suit, Trainers/socks, Towel. There are Royal Blue Polo Shirts with the KSS Emblem available to buy from the PE Department. During cold weather, tracksuits may be worn for outdoor activities. PE is a compulsory subject, but there is the odd occasion when a pupil appears unfit to take part. In these circumstances, it is important that parents send a note and ensures that the pupil also brings his/her kit because sometimes, limited participation may be possible.

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