The Guidance System at Knightswood Secondary School

The Guidance System at Knightswood Secondary School exists in order to look after the welfare of all of its pupils. Guidance Staff seek to establish a good working relationship with parents and in doing so play their part in developing a partnership between the school and parents. Doing so helps to ensure that pupils of the school achieve their full academic potential as well as promoting their personal and social development.

To do this Guidance Teachers have to get to know their pupils.

Each Guidance Teacher has responsibility for a number of pupils arranged according to their surnames.

This arrangement enables them to get to know families and allows parents to always deal with the same Guidance Teacher throughout the time their children are at school.

Talking to Pupils

As well as getting to know pupils in the course of every day school life, Guidance Teachers interview pupils regularly during the years they are at school. Pupils have their first interview during their first few weeks of their First Year. At that time it is explained to pupils that they should think of their Guidance Teacher as someone they can always come to if they are in any kind of difficulty, or have problems, which will affect how they are getting on at school.

Talking to Parents

Parents are also encouraged to think of their child's Guidance Teacher as their first point of contact within the school. They should not hesitate to contact them if they want to pass on information to the school or want to discuss problems or difficulties associated with their child. An early contact between the home and school can often prevent minor problems becoming more serious issues. In particular parents should speak to Guidance Teachers about any matter, which appears to be making their child unhappy at school. On the other hand, if any event in a child's home life is likely to affect him or her at school, then Guidance Teachers can be informed and will do what they can to provide support.

Contact with Guidance Teachers

Guidance Teachers can most easily be contacted first thing in the morning, between 08.55 am and 09.05 am. The school telephone number is 0141 954 9124.

Monitoring Progress

Guidance Teachers play a key role in monitoring pupils' progress. They receive regular reports from subject teachers as well as the results of under achievement trawls. Part of their response to these is to keep parents informed of their children's progress and where necessary meet with the parent and discuss strategies for ensuring that their child progresses as he or she should.

Social Education

Guidance teachers are responsible for the preparation and collation of materials which are used in the Social Education programme. Each group goes to Social Education for I period per week. The topics covered range from aspects of Health Education to developing interpersonal skills.

Careers Education

This forms an important part of the Social Education programme. Each year from SI to S4, the Social Education programme contains increasing amounts of vocational education material. The material includes: self awareness;

  • decision making skills;
  • job classification;
  • job seeking skills etc.
  • Pupils are taught how to use the careers library and access the information held on computer, which relates to the qualifications needed for entry to specific careers.

    Vocational Guidance

    Pupils are interviewed at important times in their school careers. For instance they have interviews towards the end of their Second Year when they decide on the subjects they will study to S-Grade and before they go into Fifth Year, when they are thinking about which subjects they will continue to Higher-Still courses.

    Guidance Teachers will keep parents fully informed at such times and parents are most welcome to meet with Guidance Teachers to discuss these important decisions. In addition, parents will be invited to parents evenings which are arranged to provide additional information. Representatives from the Careers Service and from Further Education Colleges come to these meetings to talk to parents and describe the courses that are available. Guidance Teachers also attend and meet with parents.


    Bullying is much less of a problem in Knightswood than in many other schools. However, what bullying does take place, we take very seriously. We have a very strong anti-bullying policy, of which all teachers, parents and pupils are very aware. Bullying is dealt with in Social Education and pupils are taught social skills through 'Skills for Adolescence'.

    In dealing with particular cases of bullying, it is vital that these are reported to Guidance Teachers as soon as possible. This does two things. It keeps to a minimum the lasting damage that can be done to a young person's school career and also ensures that the person doing the bullying can be dealt with at an early stage before things have gone too far.

    Early reporting will help the school stamp out bullying altogether and make school the pleasant and happy environment it should be.

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