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Introduction from the Headteacher
I would like to welcome you to the Knightswood Secondary School website which I am confident you will find interesting and informative.
The School, which is located in the West End of Glasgow, is one of the City's largest Secondaries with a roll of approximately 1400 pupils. We are co-educational, non-selective and non-denominational, educating pupils of all abilities, cultures and social backgrounds.

We have a long tradition of successful teaching and learning and in many respects we are a centre of excellence, our goal being the provision of an education that meets the needs and abilities of each child thus allowing them to develop their full potential. Standards are high and there is a strong emphasis on successful learning, our pupils being provided with many opportunities to develop the skills necessary to become effective young citizens. The School is fortunate to be served by a very experienced and committed staff that constantly urges the students to achieve qualifications of the highest possible standard so that they are well placed to pursue their career choice in the future.
A unique feature of the School is that we are the home of the National Dance School of Scotland which provides specialist tuition for some of the country's most gifted young dancers. These youngsters follow the School curriculum and take a full and active part in School life in addition to the specialist dance training they receive.

We also consider the process of education to be crucial and an important part of our work is the creation of a positive learning environment where everyone is valued and a strong sense of purpose prevails. Our staff work hard to achieve this and they demonstrate a strong commitment to every child who enters our doors. Our pupils contribute significantly to the good ethos in the School, a notable feature being their participation in the decision-making process through the School's Student Council.
We understand that the professional skills of the teacher working in harmony with the active encouragement and support of parents, leads to a powerful and successful influence on our pupils. Together we ensure that our young people grow and develop with confidence.

Kay Dingwall

The Dance School of Scotland
The Dance School of Scotland has been in existance since 1983. The Dance School is made up of approximately 80 pupils who have come to Knightswood Secondary School in order to train for a career in Dance and Musical Theatre. Its success can be measured in terms of the numbers of its former pupils who have been successful in their chosen field. For example seven are members of the Scottish Ballet Company, others are members of dance companies in England and many are employed in television and West End stage shows.

The dance tuition is based on the classical technique and pupils take certificate examinations at the different stages of their training. They also leave Knightswood with at least six Standard Grades and up to five Highers. Most Dance pupils continue their training in schools in England where their high level of training ensures their place in excellent dance colleges.Many students come from outside Glasgow and are unable to travel to school each day therefore they stay in our Halls of Residence which is part of St Andrew's College in Bearsden.
Pupils audition for entry either for S1 or S5 levels. This corresponds with their academic training within the Education System. They spend two periods each school day receiving specialist dance training from highly experienced dance teachers. Each pupil has extra dance, singing or drama classes after school and Saturday mornings.
Knightswood Secondary School is unique in that it is able to offer all pupils a well balanced curriculum as part of a quality education while at the same time providing the specialist training for those young people destined for a career in dance or theatre.
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