Opening Hours

School opens at 6:00am to allow cleaning staff to clean the school. Janitorial staff are on duty from 7:00am to 17:00pm (school business), 6:30pm to 9:30pm (for weekday lets), 9:00am to 4:00pm (Saturday lets) and 1:00pm to 4:00pm (Sunday lets).

Lets within the school

The school is frequently used in the evenings by a variety of people. These include Dance classes, Karate, Football, Badminton and school board.

Security of the school

  • 11 cameras in and around school
  • 1 static camera internally at main entrance
  • 8 dome cameras
  • 2 static external cameras
  • All images record onto a hard-drive
  • Images can be stored for 13 weeks
  • Images can be transferred onto USB stick or straight onto dvd in just a couple of seconds
  • Cameras record 24/7 and the dome cameras rotate 360 degrees
  • Images at night time are black and whitebait
  • Picture quality is greatly improved, even at night
  • Cameras are controlled using a joystick or touch screen keypad
  • Cameras can be programmed to rotate themselves

There are 3 janitorial staff to manage the school. Their duties include litter and graffiti control, collecting deliveries, playground duties, heating maintenance, customer care, school security, building maintenance, fire drills (eg keeping a check on fire extinguishers etc.), supervise visiting tradesmen and manage all school lets.

How our school is heated

The school has 3 main gas-fired boilers for heating and 1 domestic boiler for hot water. The 3 main boilers are controlled by thermostat which turns them on or off depending on the weather.

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